Hey Fellow Survivalists,

We don’t know how you found us, but we sure are glad you did. We’d love to hear how by the way. So drop us a line sometime or shoot us an email.

Anyways, this site is dedicated to our beautiful daughter, Rini (no you don’t get a picture). We were talking one day, thinking about our future and her future, and worried about what might happen if things turned for the worst (i.e. WWIII, Armageddon, Nuclear Apocolypse, a Trump Presidency, etc.). So we decided to create a blog/website that people could visit to share or learn some ideas about what to do, have, or be prepared for when the dreaded days come.

We also didn’t want to attract too much attention so we decided to code name everything. So we’ll go ahead and break it down for you guys here. So Rini, is of course, our Daughter’s name. UVA refers to radiation, something there would be quite a lot of during a nuclear disaster. And finally, Lee is defined as a shelter, believe it or not. So Rini’s UVA Lee is a site dedicated to our Rini as a guide or shelter, in case a nuclear armageddon or other doomsday-type event occurs.

We want to have fun and at the same time put out great information. So if you have any suggestions, advice, questions, or feedback, we would definitely love to hear! Leave a comment on one of our posts or send us an email here.