A disaster might knock on your door at any time and without any warning. Waiting until the last minute to stock up on essential food supplies is not only a bad idea but puts your family in jeopardy. Short-term disasters can seem like an eternity and major disasters can wipe your bloodline out for eternity. NASA tells its employees to stock up on survival foods and to brace their ‘Family Preparedness Program’, in case catastrophe strikes. I have a buddy who runs a fence installation company that’s been prepping for over a decade. He suggests that it’s best to keep your survival food list as simple as possible and include products that both have a long shelf-life and are high in calories. Here’s a list of the top food items you can stockpile, so if you ever encounter an emergency situation where you have to survive in the wilderness for a few days, you’ll be ready.

  1. Brown Rice

Not only is brown rice rich in vitamins and minerals, it also contains a high quantity of protein and calories. It tops the chart in great survival foods as it is dry, non-perishable and has a sufficiently long shelf-life of about 3 months. If you are in a long-term emergency, where you need to cut down fuel consumptions, you can cook brown rice hot cereal that is also packed with around 600 calories, 12 grams of proteins and is quickly prepared in as little as 5-8 minutes.

  1. Peanut Butter

Surprisingly, peanut butter has an abundance of fatty acids, proteins, essential minerals such as iron and copper and can last for up to 5 years if stored properly. During a disaster when you can afford only limited food intake, a few tablespoons of peanut butter can effectively help you survive. For best practice, only buy natural and organic jars of peanut butter.

  1. Dark Chocolate

Chocolate can help you battle lethargy, tiredness, and headaches. Dark, concentrated bars can be stored for over 2 years, and can act similarly to caffeine by keeping your mind alert in the evacuation scenario. Finally, if the U.S. Dollar loses it’s value in the event of a disaster, you can always barter with it! 🙂

  1. Canned Alaskan Wild Salmon

This is a very convenient food item as it can be eaten right out of the can without cooking and is rich in Omega 3s fats and protein content. Being a great source of vitamin B12, phosphorus, riboflavin, and thiamin, this assists in promoting better heart health and a good brain.

  1. Cornmeal

Cornmeal is the best choice among the other varieties of all-purpose flours, due to its dense carbohydrate and oil content. Also, in power loss situations, scrumptious tortillas and corn bread can be made using cornmeal on a simple solar oven. Once sealed and stored, this can keep fresh for about 8 months to 2 years.

  1. Quinoa

If long term food storage is concerned, Quinoa is an outstanding alternative to plain rice. It can blend well and can be used for thickening cereals or simply as a breakfast cereal. It is one of the few plant-derived foods that contains all 9 essential amino acids. When sealed in a plastic bucket, away from extreme temperatures, it will never expire!

  1. Oats

Oats provide a steady supply of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, and fiber. If stored properly, these can last for more than 25 years! These are very nutritious and worth stocking up on for emergency situations.

  1. Beans

A variety of beans can be chosen to add flavor to your otherwise bland meals. They are also a much cheaper alternative to storing pounds and pounds of meat. Kidney beans are a good source of proteins, calories, iron, magnesium and all other nutrients that help keep your body functioning appropriately.

  1. Jerky

Jerked meat or simply jerky is nothing but lean meat dried to an extent that it slows down the overall degradation process. Dried meat has been used over the years by Native Americans and primitive tribes to sustain themselves in harsh conditions all over the world. Not only can this be made in a pinch in the wilderness, its ease of consumption, portability and long storage durations make it a staple survival food.

  1. Pemmican

Pemmican is also a Native American food recipe that can be derived from the jerky itself. To make a traditional Pemmican, dry the jerky till it becomes brittle and pound it to achieve a finer texture similar to that of sand grains. Mix it with hot, rendered fat and you are ready to go. The best thing about Pemmican is that it’s enriched with calories and even a small quantity of it can sustain a full-grown man for one day. The downside is that it does not taste that great. But hey, survival foods aren’t supposed to be luxury items!

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